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News: November 20, 2017

Fundraising kick-off for Parkland Lodge furnishings

by Deanna Mitchener
The Community's help is needed to raise money to furnish the new Parkland Lodge.
A goal of $250,000 has been estimated for our community in raising funds to acquire furnishings for the multi-purpose areas of the new lodge.
On November 15, the Parkland Lodge Expansion Team fundraising board members held a Kick-off information session in the foyer of the lodge at 2 p.m.
Ivan Strang, President of Parkland Lodge Auxiliary led the session and had different speakers come up and share their information. Later guests were encouraged to stay and visit and enjoy some refreshments.
Phil Harry with the Alberta Seniors and Housing offered words of support. Town Councillor Janet Wilkinson who said, "I really hope the fundraising takes off and we have it all done and in place by the time the new facility opens."
"Today was my first meeting as an appointee on the Evergreen Foundation where I met many wonderful people who have been working with the construction team and the architects and I am looking forward to seeing this project transpire," said Wilkinson.
Madonna Popwell, Operations Manager for Evergreen Foundation, said, "I had the opportunity this morning to attend a construction meeting on the second floor. It gave a very good appreciation of how massive that building is. I would like to thank the fundraising committee for everything they have done in the past and everything they are about to do moving forward."
Daren Blair, Architectural Technologist with Berry Architecture and Associates, said, "We are very grateful for the opportunity to be involved in this process. The facility that is being constructed today is going to be great. We are very excited about what's coming and it will be a very interesting building for everyone to enjoy. We are looking forward to the next couple of years working with everyone to see this facility come to life."
Keely Ennis, Project Manager with Scott Builders, said, " It is such a pleasure to be a part of this process and bringing all of the dreams, hard work and dedication that Berry Architectural, Evergreens Foundation, and Alberta Social Housing put together."
Ivan Strang, said, "A strong point as you stop and realize what this aspect of this project is —it is 27.6 million dollars. There will be close to 200 people working on this project."
"When we first started our lodge we had 18 seniors there. This last lodge had 55 and now we are close to 69. Going into the new lodge we are looking at 105 to start off," said Strang. "There will be both one and two bedroom suites and maybe up to 120 residents."
"Our town has been the gateway to British Columbia, and the Grand Prairie Trail was the route. This past September we are 106 years old. That's why we've got the great seniors and we need to support them because they got us here. On behalf of the Parkland Lodge  Expansion Team thank you all for coming and all donations will be welcomed," said Strang.
Bonnie Pillage, a member of the Parkland Lodge Expansion Team, said, "This committee is a fundraising board for the new lodge. The new lodge was not budgeted for equipment or furniture for it, therefore, we need to fundraise to ensure we get that in there. Even taking all the furnishings from here is only going to seat the 60 residents and we need to be able to seat 112 seniors. This is an investment not only to the donor but for the future. Whether you donate $1 or $1,000,000 it's an investment for your future because 9 out of 10 of us will end up in the lodge one day."   
Every dollar is welcome and donation amounts over $20 can receive a tax receipt. Together Edson and Yellowhead County can make this happen for our seniors.

News: November 13, 2017

Join the 'Winter Wonder' Fun at Willmore Park

by Deanna Mitchener
Winter is here folks and it is no time to be hiding out indoors.
That is why Willmore Park has teamed up with Banister GM and the Weekly Anchor to bring some winter family fun twice a month for you to make that commitment to bring the family out for some fresh air and fun.
Try the toboggan hill, go for a walk on the beautiful trails, ride your bike with fat wheel on the trails, make a snow angel, build a snow fort, or take up some snowshoeing.
With so many great trails you are sure to be pleased while out enjoying yourself. Let the kids burns off some of that extra energy running up the big hill and sliding down, then turning around and do it all over again.
There are several health benefits that come from playing outdoors even in the winter months. It can help strengthen the immune system by allowing child added fresh air. Children should be getting at least one hour of outdoor exercise on a daily basis even in winter months.
There is nothing better than spending time and making memories with your family and friends, so this winter we want to help you make some of those memories out at Willmore Park.
Thanks to Banister GM and the Weekly Anchor we have a few dates for you to keep in mind when planning some family fun. Twice a month family fun begins at the Willmore Park toboggan hill, followed with free hot dogs and hot chocolate and a warm fire. This winter just started looking a whole lot better.
A special thank you going out to the Team at Bannister GM and Dana at the Weekly Anchor for making this possible for families to enjoy.
Dates to keep in mind are November 19, December 3, December 28, January 7, January 21, February 12, February 25, March 4 and March 18.
All dates starting at 12 p.m. and go until 2 p.m. but feel free to stay and play as long as you like. We will see you out by the fire!

News: November 6, 2017

Kids enjoy learning new curling skills at clinic

by Miranda L’Hirondelle
Repsol sponsored a curling clinic at the Edson Curling Club on October 30.
They have held this clinic two times before in Rocky Mountain House and Chauvin. This is the first time in Edson and more than 30 kids ages 6-15 attended.
Repsol employees said they will try and hold the clinic again next year. “They are trying to do this in all the communities where we have Repsol offices,” said Brian Deschner an employee at Repsol and a member of the curling club.   
They had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of curling such as warm-ups before a game, positioning, rock release, sweeping and more. Baya Martin, who participated in the clinic said that she liked it and would try curling again.
Brant Rolling, an employee at Repsol and a member of the curling club, added that they’re promoting junior curling. "That’s what we are here for, to promote curling in our community and get the young kids involved."

News: October 30, 2017

‘TOE’vember: Warm socks for those in need

 by Deanna Mitchener 

With the cold weather, winter can be frightful and even harmful if you are not equipped with basic clothing to stay warm. This is the harsh reality some people face.
Rachel Phillips an Outreach Worker with HIV West Yellowhead, says, "HIV West Yellowhead is putting together a campaign for November called ‘TOE’vember. It is an opportunity for individuals to donate warm socks to those in need this winter."
"Many of our clients are homeless or not able to purchase warm clothing, and socks have been the number one item requested," said Phillips.
If you would like to take part in this ‘TOE’vember movement you can drop items off at Rachel's office located at #206, 4813 4 Ave between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Or feel free to contact Rachel at 780-712-2509 for more information.
Together we can help ensure everyone in need has suitable protection from the cold bite of winter.

News: October 23, 2017

North Central Cross Country Competition held at Willmore

by Deanna Mitchener
The North Central Zone Cross Country Running Competition took place on October 11 and athletes from all over came in large numbers to Willmore Park in spite of a snowfall warning. 
"There was some snow on the ground and a fair bit of mud on the course, but thankfully it was not too cold. With very little wind it actually turned out to be a pretty good for running," said Kevin Anderson. "The course was slippery and challenging with more than one runner on the course having a fall."
Parkland grade nine girls had a particularly good day at zones finishing in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th. The top 18 runners in each of the Grade 10-12 categories have automatically qualified for Provincials in Edmonton on October 21.
Grade nine girl's Dalainie Williams was 1st, Christina Steil was 2nd, Brooke Schwartz was 3rd and Kirsten Reid was 5th.
Grade nine boy's Joseph Kim was 16th. Grade 10 girl's were Tiana Bryant in 8th, Xana Beran in 9th and Justine Boudrandi-Saj was 22nd.
Grade 10 boy's were Carson Hellekson 17th, Matthew Preville in 18th, and Caleb Burnett was 20th.
Grade 11 girls Avery Pelz came in 5th and Emma Bowman took 11th, Grade 12 boys was Braeden Dahl in 6th place.
Michelle Anderson from Pine Grove Middle School was looking after the scores throughout the day. "Today we are doing Cross Country Zones where kids come from all over our North Central Zone to see if they qualify for the Provincials. Depending on the age of each student they do different courses. Right now we have 60 students that are age 12, 51 students that are 13 years old, 41 who are 14 years old, 71 grade 10 students, 51 that are in grade 11, and 62 that are in grade 12. The junior high races are happening in the morning and the senior high races are taking place in the afternoon."
The North Central Zone Cross Country Running Competition has been going for the past 30 years. Edson has played host to the event for the past five years out at Willmore Park.
A lot of hard work goes into planning and running an event such as this. Work begins days ahead with volunteers heading out to check and mark trails, setting up tents for registration, score keeping, and all the organization it takes.