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News: December 10, 2018 issue

Volunteer Fair to encourage all residents to participate

by Cassie Kushniruk
“Our volunteer population all over Canada is aging,” said Town of Edson Community Development Coordinator Ali Broda.
In order to encourage everyone—from young students to older adults— to engage in local charity work and join non-for-profit agencies, the Town of Edson will host their first Volunteer Fair during National Volunteer Week on April 8.
“The Volunteer Fair is an opportunity for community groups and agencies to represent themselves, share information, and recruit new members and volunteers,” said Broda. “Hopefully it will create a space where volunteer groups and non-profits can get new ideas as well.”
The fair will travel around town on April 8, first paying visits to both Parkland and Holy Redeemer High Schools. “Students will be able to see what groups and agencies there are in town and where volunteer opportunities exist for them,” said Broda. “It will be beneficial to have the students interested throughout the day to see where they fit in and where they are needed. Maybe there is an event they enjoy or a cause they care about that they’d like to be more involved in but they don’t know how; this is their opportunity,” Broda said.
Later in the evening, the fair will make its final stop at the Galloway Station Museum, where the Town will partner with the Edson and District Historical Society to expose the rest of the community to the exceptional events, causes, and groups that make Edson a better place.
Currently, twelve volunteer groups have registered for the fair, which has already exceeded Broda’s original expectation. “I was hoping for 10 [registries] and it’s been exceeded, so now I welcome more groups and agencies to register and get involved in the Volunteer Fair,” Broda said. “Hopefully this number steadily rises until April!”
Volunteer groups or agencies interested in registering a booth at the fair can contact Broda at 780-723-4403 or alicjab@edson.ca. Registration is due by February 15. “If there is a group or agency that is interested in participating but won’t be able to make it to all three locations, we can arrange for ones they can attend,” Broda mentioned.
The first annual Volunteer Fair will make its debut at Parkland Composite High School from 9 am to 11 am on April 8, where it will then travel to Holy Redeemer High School tobe visited bystudents from 1 pm to 3 pm. From 6 pm to 8 pm, the fair will make its last stop at the Galloway Station Museum, where all community members will have the opportunity to discover what volunteer groups and agencies are doing for the community and how to be a part of it.
“Hopefully [the fair] will create a space where volunteer groups and non-profits can gain volunteers and members as well as share information and get new ideas,” said Broda.

News: December 3, 2018 issue

8th Annual 'Feel the Spirit' Community Christmas Dinner

by Deanna Mitchener
Christmas is a beautiful time of year and you can feel the spirit as Community Services at the Town of Edson partners with Chef Ramzi Fakhreddine and Tammy Flander along with all their volunteers to bring you a free community-wide Christmas Dinner event on December 9, from 12 p.m. until 7 p.m. at the Parkland Composite High School this year.
The (ESTS) Edson Seniors Transportation Society will be available starting at 11:30 a.m. and you can call them at 780-723-1122 to arrange a ride.
Ali Broda Community Development Coordinator with the Town of Edson says, "Ramzi and Tammy have organized dinner again this year. They have also arranged to have musical entertainment throughout the day with Jam City."
"There will be gingerbread cookie decorating kits and crafts for the kids again this year put on by FCSS and ParentLink between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. while supplies last. Elements Forest Schools will be there for outdoor play and games throughout the day as well. Santa will be there between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to see little ones and even a special appearance throughout the day from Mrs. Claus handing out hundreds of candy canes," says Broda.
Tammy says, "Everyone is welcome to attend just like every other year. We are just hosting at the Parkland School this year. We are hoping everyone will come and visit at the school as the event has grown so much over the years."
"When we first came to Edson we started the event on main street and were serving around 1,200 people. Then from the Olive Tree we were serving over 2,000 people, moving to the Complex we were serving 3,300 meals in that seven hour span. This year we hope to even do more from the school. The community has been so supportive in helping to make it grow. It is a positive event for the whole community and so nice seeing people out in supporting other local charities such as the Food Bank when they bring in a non-perishable food item," says Tammy.
Many thanks goes out to all the wonderful volunteers for helping set up, serve, organize games, clean up, and more —and also to the many sponsors who help make the event possible.
The location has changed but wonderful food and fellowship of the Season remains the same.

News: November 26, 2018 issue

The Magic of Lite Up in Edson

by Cassie Kushniruk

Christmas is officially underway in Edson with the traditional RCMP Centennial Park Lite Up marking the beginning of the holiday season.
Families gathered outside in Centennial Park on November 15, awaiting the magical moment when Santa would magically activate the park's beautiful Christmas tree lights. Children were in awe of Santa's magical abilities, as he simply pointed to the trees to turn on the lights. Throughout the night, families strolled through the park to take photos and admire the beauty of the sparkling lights. “The trees are beautiful and I think it's something to be proud of in Edson,” said Town of Edson Community Development Coordinator Diana Inscho.
A variety of fun, Christmas-related activities for all ages were also available inside the Galloway Station Museum following the park Lite Up. In one corner, attendants had the opportunity to snack on a variety of color-coordinated Christmas candies and chocolates, while children crafted reindeer paper bags to hold their candy in another. A s'mores station was available on the deck, where attendants enjoyed the delicious treat cooked over an open fire. Later on in the evening, the group was entertained by Jam City Edson, who brought their musical talents to the event and sang some Christmas songs and Carols.
The museum was bustling with families enjoying their time together getting into the spirit of Christmas. “Christmas is always such as warm time of the year, and it does bring families together and helps encourage community as well,” said Inscho, who mentioned the incredible turnout the event received.
Inscho acknowledged the Edson and District Historical Society, who were “instrumental” in the success of the event. “They're running the crafts and the s'mores,” Inscho mentioned.
Later on in the evening, Inscho announced the winner of the Chamber of Commerce 'Santa Needs a Ride' campaign. “Every year, the Chamber of Commerce hosts a Christmas parade and there is a silent auction to see who is going to give Santa a ride on their Christmas float,” Inscho explained. This year, Carrey Picker Service Ltd. won the campaign after bidding $1000, which will go towards the Edson and District Boys and Girls Club and the Edson Food Bank. “You saved Christmas by giving Santa a ride,” said Inscho.
Following the Lite Up, attendants were encouraged to head downtown for the Chamber's Downtown Lite Up promotion, where participating stores stayed open late to offer discounts and deals to customers for some early Christmas shopping. “It's always good to shop local,” said Inscho.
On December 1 from 1 pm to 3 pm, the Edson and District Historical Society will be hosting Santa for pictures at the Galloway Station Museum.

News: November 19, 2018 issue

4.5% increase in Town's proposed 2019 budget

by Masha Scheele
Administration of the Town of Edson presented the proposed budget for 2019 at the Committee of the Whole meeting on November 13.
The budget proposal includes a 4.5 per cent budget increase and was put together following the initial Council budget deliberations and the budget workshop on November 3.
Property taxes are a primary source of revenue for municipalities and are used to finance local programs and services. Each year, Council determines the amount of money required to operate the municipality. From this, Council subtracts known revenues such as licenses, grants, permits, and user fees. The remainder is the amount of money the municipality collects through property taxes in order to provide services for the year. The total amount of municipal taxes required for 2019 is $11,232,579.
Councillor Janet Wilkinson mentioned that more emphasis should be placed on the fact that $5170.33 is spent to operate Repsol Place per day. “People need to know that they have that service offered through their taxes as well.”
A point emphasized by Councillor Krystal Baiers was how many police officers are subsidized through the photo radar program. “When you get the ticket in the mail you’re not really appreciative of it, but when you realize the contribution it gives to our town that really makes a big difference in our budget situation.”
Councillor Troy Sorenson also mentioned adding the benchmarks to the documents available so the public knows what the town is striving for.
This proposed budget gives the public and other interested stakeholders a glimpse of the changes for 2019. Adjustments will be made as requested and brought back to Council on November 27 for final deliberations before it will be presented for adoption on December 4.
The budget will be finalized in the Spring of 2019 after assessment figures are released to the Town, and requisition figures for schools and seniors’ lodges are received. In May 2019 tax notices will be sent to property owners.
“I would like to see the 4.5 per cent come down but I also know we are really fortunate we only had 1.9 per cent in two years. So sometimes when you are fortunate in that, it means we do need to play catch up,” said Councillor Jacqui Currie.
Since November 13, residents can make use of the “Citizen Budget” tool on the Town of Edson website. This interactive tool will help residents visualize the Town of Edson’s budget, as well as give an idea of the impact certain changes would have to taxation and service levels. This tool can be accessed at www.edson.ca/budget.