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News:April 23, 2018

Town Council supports Kinder Morgan project
by Adrienne Tait
Prior to the regular evening council meeting, Mayor Kevin Zahara announced that mayor and council would be signing a letter from the Town in support of the TransMountain /Kinder Morgan pipeline project.
Mayor Zahara and council are encouraging the federal and provincial governments to step in immediately. 
The letter states, “We know that the benefits of this project will not only be felt by our community, but also by our region, our province, and our country.”
Zahara read, “We find the current situation in B.C. completely untenable and are in full support of any and all actions taken and deemed necessary by Premier Notley to keep this project moving forward.”
Met with protests and opposition in the lower mainland of B.C. as well as B.C. government opposition, Kinder Morgan has stated they believe the project to be untenable.  Kinder Morgan has given the federal government a May 31 deadline for concrete assurances of support for the pipeline expansion.  In the meantime the company will continue stakeholder discussions.
The letter was signed and will be forwarded to Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Notley.

News:April 16, 2018

Secret ballot determines multi-plex steering committee representation

by Adrienne Tait
County Council took the next step in moving forward with the proposed multi-plex facility joint partnership with the Town of Edson at their council meeting on Tuesday morning.
As both municipalities have now ratified the Memorandum of Understanding for the proposed recreational facility the next step was to determine who will sit with the Mayor as council representation on the Steering Committee.
In order to make the process fair council decided to hold a secret ballot.  Councillor Russell requested that those councillors who did not wish to participate be removed from the list of candidates. 
Once the ballots were cast, collected and counted, Mayor Soroka revealed that Councillors Anthony Giezen and Dawn Mitchel were elected to sit on the committee.
The Mayor and Council congratulated Giezen and Mitchell and thanked them in advance for the extra time and work that will undoubtedly be required.

Man struck by vehicle in Edson

Edson RCMP Sgt. Jason Pennoyer confirmed today that a 54 year old male was struck by a vehicle on the evening of Monday April 9 in front of the Super 8 Hotel on Highway 16, Second Avenue, Eastbound, in Edson.
The male was transported to the U of A Hospital in Edmonton, and is still in critical condition.
No charges have been laid as of yet as the incident is still under investigation.

News:April 9, 2018

Town and County reach agreement on Multi-Use Facility Memorandum of Understanding

Edson and Yellowhead County Councils have taken another step towards a new Recreation Multi-Use Facility becoming a reality. Both Councils have agreed to a Memorandum of Under-standing regarding the design, construction and operation of a new facility.
The agreement, once signed, will see:
- A 50-50 cost share in the capital costs of a new facility,
- A 60-40 Town-County split in operational costs,
- Each partner will have an equal say in operations, and
- An operational agreement to be drafted as the process moves forward.
The next steps will be to create a steering committee for the project and work towards a conceptual design, and site selection.
“This framework will be the first formal step to solidify a partnership between our two communities and represents a commitment for long-term support from both municipalities for this develop-ment. Both Yellowhead County and Edson residents will benefit greatly from a new facility in this area, and this agreement acknowledges that it will be a great asset for present and future generations in both communities,” stated Gerald Soroka, Yellowhead County Mayor.
“We're pleased to keep the momentum going towards construction of a new facility and grateful to our partners at Yellowhead County for coming to the table and working with us on this project. We feel this memorandum of understanding will guide us moving forward and create a project and management system that will benefit the entire region,” stated Kevin Zahara, Town of Edson Mayor.

News:April 2, 2018

County to offer Junior Firefighter program

by Dana Mcarthur
The Yellowhead County has decided to begin implementing a Junior Firefighter program throughout the region.
During the March 27 meeting of Council, Director of Protective Services Albert Bahri, said, "Yellowhead County Fire Department is always actively recruiting for new members. During visits to schools and during fire prevention week many requests have come from people in the age group of 16 to 18 asking how to join the fire department. Currently to apply to be a firefighter you must have turned 18. This leaves a group of interested individuals out of a program that could be very beneficial to their personnel development and the longevity of the fire department."
Bahri continued, "There are many successful Junior programs throughout Alberta, Canada, and North America that develop younger people into well trained firefighters, and allows them to automatically transfer into a regular firefighter role when they reach the age of 18."
Bahri suggested the program should start at age 16 as it provides the opportunity for individuals to drive themselves to stations for training and other events, although the department would assist with transportation where needed.
The Junior Firefighters would be allowed to participate in all basic training provided to recruits and be allowed to excel at their own rate. They would be allowed to attend the closest station to them and would participate with the station Chief and crew during development and training.
However, the Junior firefighters would be restricted and not be allowed to attend accident scenes or active fire calls. Bahri said, "We are not going to take a 16 year old and through them into a vehicle collision or a fire call. They may go to a fire scene to help with clean-up or to explain what happened, but we would never expose them these types of incidents."
This program could also be presented to the local schools as a possible credit in their overall learning. "Many areas have developed very successful Junior firefighter programs, that have developed members that provide many years of service to the community they live in," said Bahri.
Councillor Sandra Cherniawsky said, "I think this is a very positive step it could even save a child's life —it will give them something very constructive to do."
Councillor Lavone Olson asked, "Would this be available at all five halls in the County?" Bahri responded, "It will be offered all across the County. We would look at where that junior is from Brule, Evansburg, or wherever they are in the County and we would help provide the logistics to move them back and forth. Once they have basic training they would work out of the station they report to and participate in all the things that go on there."
As the Fire department has the additional equipment and supplies there would be no increase in the budget to accommodate this program.
Councillor Anthony Giezen said, "I would like to see 14 year olds considered for the program. It would be a good opportunity for these younger children." Bahri responded, "There are labour laws restricting what a 14 year old can do that we'd need to consider. But we are more than will to do both if Council decided."
Council voted all in favour of approving the development of a Junior Firefighter program in Yellowhead County which would currently allow members to join at age 16, and would consider age 14 once the program develops

News: March 26, 2018

Arts Alive Edson 'Calling all Young Artists'

by Cassie Kushniruk
Art is surely alive in Edson. With pottery classes, paint nights, photography groups, and various artistic activities available throughout the year, it is certain that there is a substantial interest for the arts within the community.
Every young artists’ interest comes with the desire to share their work with those around them, and adapt their artistic style to become the best it can be. This cannot be done without constructive criticism and positive reinforcement, which is why the Edson Creative Arts Society, together with the Town of Edson Arts and Culture Programming, host the Edson Arts Alive Festival year after year.
From April 16-30, young artists of 18 years and under will be able to showcase their work to the community, and will be evaluated and presented with professional feedback from various adjudicators. “This festival is a great way for youth to meet others in the arts, and the community,” said Edson Recreation and Culture Programmer Ali Broda, one of the main coordinators of the event. “It is a great connector.” Together with Robyne Wilock, Arts Alive is made possible.
Three different categories will be available for adjudication: Creative Writing, Photography, and Visual Arts. “Everyone who participates in Arts Alive have their own experience, because all the adjudicating is done per work,” explained Broda. “So, a youth that submits their painting receives feedback from the Visual Arts adjudicator.” This year, Lana Kirtley will be adjudicating for the Photography category, Lara Felsing for Visual Arts, and Bonnie Randall for Creative Writing. “All of our adjudicators are local this year, which we are very pleased about,” Broda mentioned.
Each Arts Alive Edson category will be showcased in different areas around town. “Arts Alive Photography will be showcased at the Galloway Station Museum, Visual Arts will be displayed at the Red Brick Arts Centre, and if there are enough Creative Writing submissions, we will aim to have a ‘Write Night’ at the library for the youth to have the opportunity to read their work out loud,” Broda explained.
“Youth should submit their work if they are passionate about the arts and would like to know what seasoned professionals think,” said Broda. “Also if they would like to grow and develop, and meet other youth that share common interests like the arts.”
The deadline for the Arts Alive Edson registration is March 29. Registration forms are available at the Galloway Station Museum, the Edson Public Library, and the Town of Edson office. Although registration is on March 29, there is still time as the Creative Writing submission deadline isn't until April 10, and the Photography and Visual Art submission deadline it's until April 9.