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News: March 27, 2017

Family and friends conduct search
for missing man Tyrone Kellerman

by Mikaela Kuefler
Approximately 30 family members, friends, various residents, and medium Michelle McCormick got together to search 127 acres for Tyrone Kellerman on March 18.
"Coming out here today doesn't mean that we'll find him but at least we're doing something to help locate him. That's the difference between doing nothing and moving forward. It's pertinent that we get something done now," said Tyrone's wife of nearly 20 years Kathy Kellerman.
Tyrone Kellerman was last seen on February 13 and was reported missing on February 14.
Tyrone is a male with blue eyes, brown hair, is 5"9', 200 pounds, and is 56 years old. He was last seen at the Edson Walmart at 10am and was driving a dark blue Dodge Ram with Alberta licence plate BFT-8284. He was wearing blue jeans, a plaid jacket, a red shirt, and beige boots.
"I came home and he was gone. He's not the type of man to commit suicide or run away from home. He's probably the strongest man I've ever known in my life. He sure wouldn't be leaving in this part of the game. My husband was the kind of man who would help you if you needed it. He would never refuse to help someone," said Kellerman.
The Edson RCMP Constable McPhail provided a statement," We have searched the Kellerman's property early March. We've also conducted ground and air searches of the area. We've notified the local oilfield companies who have employees driving around all over Yellowhead County to be on the lookout for anything that could provide us information. We continue to follow up on any tips since February 15 and information that we receive, related to Mr. Kellerman. We encourage anyone with information to please contact the Edson RCMP or Crime stoppers."
On the search, one of the volunteers found a hammer up the road. "We don't know if related to the case or not," said Kellerman.
"We found that he's not here, which will give me some piece of mind and we don't have anymore leads," said Kellerman.
Kathy Kellerman plans to search again after the snow melts. "We found that it's difficult to go into the snow. It was hard to see if there was anything there."

News: March 20, 2017

Edson RCMP Officer assaulted with weapon

On March 11 Edson RCMP were called to a complaint regarding a female at a rural gas station. Police were advised that the female was displaying erratic behaviour and in possession of a weapon.
Police attended the gas station where it's alleged bear spray was deployed against one Officer. After a brief altercation, the female was arrested by Police. Unfortunately, some bystanders in the gas station were also subject to the effects of the spray. The one Officer subjected to the spray subsequently received treatment at the Hospital and was released.
Stevie Brett, 28, has been remanded into custody and is charged with assaulting a peace officer with a weapon, administering a noxious substance, possession of a prohibited weapon, resisting arrest, obstructing a police officer, and mischief to property over $5,000. Edson RCMP are continuing to investigate and are requesting anyone with knowledge of this occurrence to contact Edson RCMP at (780) 723-8800, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477 or online at http://www.crimestoppers.ab.ca/edmonton/.

News: March 13, 2017

Westhaven School pilots full day kindergarten

by Principal Stacy McGowan,

École Westhaven School, part of Grande Yellowhead School Division, is excited to be one of the schools piloting the full day kindergarten project in 2017-18.  
Students registering for the 2017-18 school year in English programming or French Immersion will receive a bear cub backpack filled with supplies to help them get ready for the school year. 
You will find the following supplies and resources, to keep students learning in a fun way over the summer: A squishy ball for building your hand-eye coordination and playing catch with friends. Supplies to craft some artistic masterpieces and develop your fine motor skills. Letters and numbers so you can practice them and learn their sounds. A story book to read aloud with your family as reading is fun.  Various helpful information sheets including specific information on our school for your family to learn about.
For the 2017-18 school year kindergarten students we will have no school fees or transportation fees in our Edson GYPSD schools. We are excited about the 2017-18 school year.  Let’s get ready to learn!

News: March 6, 2017

Concerns raised over ATV use on Eastern Slopes

by Adrienne Tait
When West Yellowhead MLA Eric Rosendahl attended the town council meeting on February 28 Mayor Greg Pasychny inquired about the future of off highway vehicle use on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Moutains.
With the creation of the provincial park in the Castle Mountain area, and its closure to off highway vehicles, Mayor Pasychny said he has heard from concerned residents that the closure will extend to the eastern slopes of the Rockies.  
“I am not sure if you are aware but you and your government has awoken a beast and that being off highway vehicle enthusiasts.  In this community that is a very engaged group.  Both the snowmobile and ATV group,” said Mayor Pasychny, “I have gotten emails from as far away as Red Deer sharing articles about the possibility of a complete closure to off highway vehicles on the eastern slopes of the Rockies.”
“You have one of the largest chucks of the Rockies in your constituency, and this is of grave concern to my community.   If we can’t use off highway vehicles on the eastern slopes there is going to be one heck of a push back from this region,” said Mayor Pasychny,“That will affect tourism in this area, there are a lot of hunters that use ATVs.”
Pasychny then asked for Rosendahl’s support to advocate on behalf of the region if the government is talking about closing the eastern slopes. 
MLA Rosendahl said, “I will be clear.  This was a rumour.  Just a rumour. A vicious one at that. I went directly to the minister when I heard about this and that is not the position of this government, at this time.”
Rosendahl said he has been actively involved and previously represented groups regarding OHV use and similar issues.  “The effect is huge.  I recognize that full well.  I made it clear to the minister that these discussions, if they come forward, we have to be very careful how we proceed because it is a huge part of what we do in the eastern slopes,” said Rosendahl.
With regards to Castle Mountain, Rosendahl said the closure was done to protect the watershed as there are a lot of communities that draw from that basin. 
“OHV groups had put in bridges and all kinds of things and that was something to be considered.  None-the-less we have to be very careful how we approach this issue,” said Rosendahl, “At this point there is no position on closing OHV use in this area or west of Edson.  We are not doing that at this point - maybe a few years down the road we may have to look at something.  We may have to rethink how we use the land base on a shared basis.”
“We’ve already lost enough with the Coal Branch and that was in the late 70s.  The other issue is the Y2Y [Yellowhead to Yukon] that is still out there.  Who knows what the push on that is,” said MLA Rosendahl.
“Our local clubs are willing to work with the government.  I am pleased to hear you have already talked to the minister about it,” said Mayor Pasychny.

News: February 27, 2017

Concerns over Hillendale Phase 2 restriction changes

Town council approved the removal of the restrictive covenants in Hillendale phase 2 for Plan 1224721, Block 2, Lots 38-55 and Plan 1224721, Block 3, Lots 56-61.
The request to remove the restrictive covenants from the development after the town received a request from a developer to consider the changes.
The restrictive covenants, which require developers to hard surface driveways with concrete or paving stones and include a double attached garage, were initially put in place as architectural controls in the subdivision in order to establish a consistent and attractive development.
Councillor Brian Boyce said, “I always felt we got carried away with our restrictive covenants.  I think there should be safeguards, for example that a garage is able to be added in the future and two off street parking spaces, but I would like to get rid of the concrete or interlocking brick – there is nothing wrong with asphalt.”
CAO Mike Derricott said he had spoken with developers on both sides of the issue with one developer saying the current restrictions in place make it challenging to develop a house for under $500,000 while another developer expressed concern that removing the restrictive covenants at this point would negatively impact his development plans and change the dynamic.
Director of planning Ann Dechambeau assured council that other architectural matters, such as hard surfacing requirements, will still be “dealt with at the time of development permit issuance.”
The removal of the restrictive covenants applies to the selected lots only and remains in place for the remainder of the subdivision.
Councillors Bevan and Wilkinson both expressed concern regarding the list price of the Hillendale phase 2 lots and the lack of sales.  Bevan said, “I'm not 100% sure that we will sell these even with the restrictive covenants removed.  I like it, but our prices are still too high.  Bring them down and sell these things.  I know two people that were looking to build and went to the county because it was cheaper.”
Mayor Pasychny disagreed and said the current economy was a bigger issue than price, “These lots we compared to other municipalities and they compare.  They are not selling because the economy is in the tank,” he added, “When the economy was rocking we sold a subdivision.  If we lower that price that means our tax payers have subsidized the lots.  You're not going to give it away.  In the city you pay $150,000.”
After some debate the discussion returned to the removal of the restrictive covenants.  Mayor Pasychny said, “Those were put there for a reason.”
The council ultimately voted to remove the covenants.