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Housing Plus representative Kristie Gomuwka updated Council with
the progress, success, and challenges of housing homeless in Edson
and area. photo Adrienne Tait

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Housing Plus faces challenges Starting at CORNER
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future. We need to look at a cold number and availability of mental OF PAGE 2.
weather campaign. This became health therapists in Edson.
very apparent this past winter. We Gomuwka said, “The people we
had several instances of people are seeing don't need a mental
living in their vehicles. We don't health appointment once a week;
have any place that's available in that is not going to be what helps
the middle of the night to go and get them out. They need assisted
warm other than cells. Which is an living.” It’s all about the ride
Snook-Pennings said the basic
option. Honestly, it is an option,” needs need to be met. “It is very (780) 723-5775 AS PER SUE
Misadventures said Gomuwka. difficult. We have a young woman
The local churches “are often
who, I think, we are going to get a
under-sung,” said Gomuwka and
will often offer shelter for a night. doctor's appointment. But she has
Edson will be a pilot community no running water; she is living in a
to look at a method to identify the shack. Her transportation is very
homeless population in rural areas. poor. She has no money. She has
Larger centers are able to do a no food. 'You want me to go to the Sid's Safety
“head count” which is not possible doctor to see about my mental
here. Housing Plus continues to health issues?' because her lower
work with CMHC (the Canadian level needs are not being met she & Janitor al
Mortgage and Housing doesn't want to attend to these up
Corporation) to complete a needs here. She has no money so I can't
assessment. house her. It goes around in a
When asked what the town could circle.” 5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8
do to help, Gomuwka encouraged Councillor Boyce asked, “Isn't Use this ad
councillors to sit on the committee, that the first level you start at, the Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567
look at a cold weather campaign, mental health end of it?” Email: for Sid’s Safety
and consider multi-family low Snook- Pennings said, “No. Your
income housing when reviewing the bottom level is housing. Food and
municipal development plan. shelter.” In Store hydraulic hose for May 1, 8 & 15
Councillor Bevan asked what kind Mayor Pasychny asked about low
of support Housing Plus is receiving income housing and said that when and repair shop
from the local Thrift Shop, if Premier Stelmach allocated the
vouchers are given to help. Erica money for the Habitat for Humanity
Snook-Pennings replied, “We have housing, the government also
two thrift shops in town. We have provided grant funding for an
the one at the united Church and the affordable housing facility. That
one down from the Friendship building was to have their rents set
Center. The one down from the for 10% below market value. “Who
Friendship Center operates with holds them accountable?”
vouchers. A lot of the time I choose Snook -Pennings said she is
to use the other thrift shop. They familiar with the building and the
can pick out whole bags of clothes. apartments are nice and may be
I feel there is a little more comfort slightly more affordable than others
than when you go up and show a in town but does not believe they
voucher. Allison at the Bargain are that much lower. “But even if I
Boutique has been excellent in have an apartment at $720 per
terms of servicing this population.” month it doesn't help people who
One of the challenges is the are only receiving $623,” said
complexity and range of the cases. Snook-Pennings.
From people who have skills but no Those who qualify for AISH
money and would be good funding are eligible for $1,588 per For After Hours Service call
candidates for sustainable housing, month and receive medical and
to clients that will require assistance dental benefits. However, AISH
on numerous levels. funding is only available until the 780-517-6575
Councillor Boyce asked about the age of 65.
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