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Town considers automated garbage collection
Curbside organic waste and recyclable pick up possible

by Adrienne Tait likely be diverted to Edmonton while organics would
either be diverted to either Hinton or Edmonton
During the Committee of the Whole meeting on depending on cost effectiveness.
May 9, council debated the costs and merits of Four companies expressed interest should the town
moving towards an automated and/or multi-stream decide to privatize the waste collection system. A 2-
waste management system. stream collection average cost was $14.43 per
In their report to council town administration said household.
they have been “exploring opportunities for Councillor Gomuwka raised a concern regarding
reforming and potentially expanding the Town's the size and placement of the bins. Mayor Pasychny
residential waste services.” Those opportunities agreed and said if the bins are too big then it would
include the possibility of organic waste, or undo everything that the two bag limit had
compost, and recyclables curb side pick up. accomplished.
The town also discussed the merits of handling an Councillors all commended the Edson recycling
expanded program internally versus contracting the center, and Anne Auriat who was present to answer
service out to a third party. questions, for the work that has been done to
Councillor Wilkinson expressed concerns improve environmental stewardship and reduce the
regarding contracting out to a private or multi- waste going into the landfill.
national corporation and potential job loss for local Concerns were raised regarding the impact to the
employees. CAO Mike Derricott said if council so local recycling centre. Auriat said, “Automatic is the
chose to contract the service out there would be one way it's going to go. The size of the bins is
full time position that “could easily be absorbed” important as you don't want to loose the effort you've
into another role within the town and no jobs would gained. According to the waste audit the biggest
did not use month or 9,200 lbs per day of garbage. This type of bottom line diversion.”
'bang for your buck” is the compost for sure for
be lost.
Town employees currently collect 148,000 lbs per
Auriat said recyclable curbside pick up would not
repetitive heavy lifting can cause injury, strain,
be able to handle glass or household hazardous waste
safety and liability concerns. An automated system
and regardless of whether council chose to go with
is becoming industry standard for municipal waste.
Edson recycling centre would still be there. “A lot of
Organic waste accounts for 1/3 of the total curbside pick up for recycling or not the need for the
residential waste collected while recyclables communities look to Edson. Eco-centers still exist
contribute 1/5 over all. Diverting recyclables could even in communities with curbside pick up. There BILL MITCHELL
potentially reduce Green House Gas emissions by are certain sectors you can't contract out. A private NEW TRUCK SALES
up to 57 tonnes of CO2 per month while diverting contractor wouldn't have the Take It or Leave it or NORTH
organics could result in 21 tonnes per month the Youth Programs, etcetera. You still need the
reduction of CO2. facility whether you do this or not,” said Auriat.
A cost comparison using three different models an Councillor Gomuwka said, “From the looks of it, a Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd.
internal program, internal program with leased contractor is the most cost effective. With
equipment, and private contractor was provided and composting we know it can't happen here. No matter 26124 TWP Road 531A
ranged from $8.64 to $10.75 monthly per how we look at it, it can't stay here because of the Acheson, AB T7X 5A1
household. Currently residents pay $12.50 per birds.” Organic composting attracts birds which
household. would be problematic in Edson due to the proximity
If a three-stream collection system which would to the airport.
allow for curbside pick up of residential waste, Mayor Pasychny said, “I would support moving
recyclables, and organics is adopted the average from hand collection to automated and adding the
monthly fee could increase to $21.22 per month. organics.” Toll Free 1-800-252-7500
This is in line with the $23.60 per month average The matter will come before council at a future Phone: 780-453-3452 Cell: 780-984-2224
found in other municipalities. Recyclables would regular meeting for decision.

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